The local and national media outlets have all been compelled to interview Thomas because of her intoxicating and powerful story full of personal perseverance, courage, inner strength, beauty, forgiveness, hope and faith. She has spoken at more than 40 organizations throughout the United States and continues to accept ongoing speaking invitations.

Thomas is not only making the best of life and changing the world by sharing her story to various public audiences and establishing a foundation to change other lives. The foundation was founded in May 2006.

The foundation is a direct reflection of the various obstacles she endured during her personal experiences throughout her various reconstructive surgeries. The main reason why Thomas desired a foundation was to reduce or eliminate future barriers for future victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Voices 4 All the Carolyn Thomas Foundation

foundation“One voice can change many lives. Many voices can change the world. Join us, to shatter the silence behind domestic violence with the power of your voice.”

Mission Statement: “To promote the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of domestic violence victims/survivors on various levels in order to enrich their lives and maximize their independence, including support of programs/organizations dedicated to making positive changes within the domestic violence movement for victims and survivors of domestic violence.”

The foundation will carry out the mission statement by implementing various programs and services to target populations, such as:

  • Community outreach (locally and non-locally)
  • Assistance (specified amount) with travel expenses for surgeries-as direct result from domestic violence-and non-violent family member accompaniment
  • Education assistance (annual scholarships–specified criteria–to be offered to one Waco, Texas, and Midland, Texas, future recipient because Carolyn wishes to give back to both communities. As more funds become stable, the scholarship offerings will be open to other future recipients in Texas and the United States, possibly in other countries, as the foundation grows)
  • Vet care assistance (boarding at a vet clinic/basic vet care in order to make a transition into a domestic violence shelter a little easier for future victims/survivors of domestic violence who do not wish to leave their pets behind, if they choose to leave abusive situation or require vet care assistance due to dv-related medical treatments
  • Job training
  • Group/individual counseling
  • Case-management
  • Legal assistance
    and other future programs…

Please note that as stable funds become available, the above programs/services will be implemented into action, above programs/services, order of implementation are subject to change. All future services/programs will be free to target population.

From all of the above past and current accomplishments, it is obvious how Thomas is in control of her life. She continues to be a powerful change agent within our society who is not waiting for the world to change in order to pursue her destiny. Thomas’s foundation will impact others’ lives on various levels in order for them to make the best out of their lives, as well…