Click here for the Carolyn Thomas story This web site contains information for finding help with domestic violence and the plight of Carolyn Thomas; a domestic violence tragedy that was overcome by a miraculous amount of courage, faith and people willing to help. Her story is an inspiration to us all on how to overcome life's hardships and losses. There is hope for a new tomorrow and there are people and organizations that are willing to help!

Click here for the Carolyn Thomas Story.

Voices 4 All Domestic Violence Fundraiser

"Counseling is what helped me through my tragedy. I cant explain how wonderful my counselor was. We need the shelters. Women and children need somewhere to go. Without the shelter where would women go, what would they do?"

"I have come a long way. I am proud to hold my head up and continue on with my life. Some people have said,It is all downhill for Carolyn now... with all of my reconstructive surgeries and media interviews completed over a two year period. I say it's all straight up hill for Carolyn now. Plastic surgery and past counseling have both given me a great new beginning to heal and illustrated the determination I possess. You just don't have to let the world pass you by. Get up and do something about it. I'm going to make the best of my life, starting right now!"